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What's your plan?

Have a chat to your family or flatmates now about what you'll do in an emergency, and you'll have a better chance of keeping safe. Download the household plan template here.

Stash some supplies

Stash away some supplies in case of an emergency. You'll need three days worth of stuff to keep you going. Click here for a list of stuff you'll need.

Lifeline Utilities

Lifeline utilities group are the guys who look after the stuff we use every day like power, phone, water and roads. These guys work together so they can do their best to keep these going in a disaster. Find out more...

Hazards in the Waikato

Choose a disaster and find out how much you know in this fun online quiz. It's a great way for kids and adults to learn about hazards in the Waikato. Try it now!

Are you ready?

Just a few simple steps can make sure your house or flat is prepared for a disaster. You and your family or flatmates will need up to three days worth of supplies. Read more