Waikato Group Emergency Management Office

Photo - Emergency Management OfficeThe Group Emergency Management Office develops, applies, and maintains the Waikato Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group Plan. Julian Snowball is the Group Manager and one of the three Waikato Group Controllers.

During an emergency the Group Emergency Management Office supports or coordinates emergency response across the 11 councils in the Waikato region. Most of the time, this is done from the Group Emergency Coordination Centre in Hamilton.

When not coordinating response or recovery, our team may be deployed to help other regions.

We also support the Waikato Group of agencies by making sure the region's capability to respond to and recover from emergencies is kept to a high standard. This includes training agency volunteers (such as council staff who are given leave of their normal jobs to help the communities that need it during an emergency event).

Our primary purpose is to make sure the region can take care of people in an emergency and to help people become more able to survive, cope with and learn from emergencies.